To My Young International Friends Who Attended My Online Session

Thank you very much for participating in the recent online session.

Given the limited time we had, it’s possible that I couldn’t answer all your questions.

Additionally, there were instances where my English proficiency fell short, leading to less than satisfactory responses.

Therefore, if you wish, I have decided to answer questions on this website.

If you have any questions, please send a message to the form below.

  • Please note that the content will not be made public. It will be a private interaction between you and me.
  • Your email address and message will be encrypted and securely protected.
  • If you’re concerned, feel free to use a nickname.

Oh, and I will also introduce the recommended books I mentioned on this page. If you’re interested, please give them a read. I’m sure they will be helpful in your studies.

    Books I recommended

    I will also list here the recommended books that I introduced during the online session.


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