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Discovering the “Next Japan”.

For those who yearn for more than the well-trodden paths of Tokyo and Kyoto, who seek the undiscovered allure of places like Kanazawa, and who crave the authentic experiences beyond the usual tourist trails, I offer a gateway to the hidden gems of Japan, including my home, Niigata. As a freelance writer and web content creator, I specialize in unveiling the next wave of Japanese tourism to discerning travelers and enthusiasts. My expertise lies in crafting compelling narratives and insightful content that cater specifically to foreign publishers and media outlets looking for fresh, captivating stories about Japan’s lesser-known locales. Let me assist you in exploring and sharing the untold beauty of Japan, bringing the unique value of its unexplored regions to a global audience.

Japan is brimming with undiscovered charms waiting to be shared with the world.



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