I turned 36 the other day.I am also very happy to receive messages from friends abroad.I’m no longer on Facebook, for example. Nevertheless, I would like to thank all of you for your warm messages.I am happy that you are all interested.

36 years old…. I’m not old enough to call myself a young man, much less an old man.I think we should take advantage of this precious time to be a bridge between the young and the older generation.

Besides, this year I will be what they call a “Toshi Otoko” in Japanese zodiac.In Japan, it is said that “Toshi Otoko” can get the blessing of God. I am grateful for that and I would like to use my powers in a positive direction somehow.

It’s thanks to the internet and, more importantly, to WordPress that I’ve managed to do what I’ve done.

I’m going back to my roots. And I’m going to take on a new challenge.

The past year has been, in a word, a year of division. But it has also been a year of opportunity for internal exploration.

Some relationships, unfortunately, have become increasingly fragmented. But on the other hand, there are relationships that have made us realise how precious and valuable those connections are.

The world is in such a mess, but we must not lose hope.A pinch is an opportunity. I see this as an opportunity and I have a new plan for the medium to long term.

In a situation where the future is unpredictable, I also think that we should take a long-term view.

As mentioned above, I think that being in your mid-thirties is a precious time when you are neither young nor old.With that in mind I hope to have a good year.