About Junpei Takeya 

Hi, My name is Junpei Takeya. I was born and raised in Niigata Japan.

My job is a writer. I write Japanese sentences for publisher, companies, freelance workers, and local governments.

It came to be interested in Japanese culture while doing my business.

Amazing experiences in California

When I was 15 years old,  I was studying in California. I studied in UCSC (University of California, Santa Cruz). This experience makes me strong and curious. I cannot forget even now  progressive vibes in liberal in there. Just at that time, it was a time when Steve Jobs has sent out the first iPod. There had been quite excited. I returned to Japan and committed to take advantage of its experience to work and life.


Thankfully, I have made a living at work to write a sentence and I’m also paying off in production and operation of web content. Because I’ve worked in  companies that develops SNS platform, games and web content throughout my 20s.

“Niigata Repo”

The website originating local information of Niigata called “Niigata Repo” is one of the services that I have been involved.


This is a service that many of the “citizen writers” are participating, they are looking forward to discovering Niigata’s interesting foods,places,people,and culture.

It does not correspond to the English for now, but I think that it might enjoy just only photo contents.

This service is going to be the future respond to English. I will create another site if it is difficult. In any case to me you need the help of many people.

Thank you for reading!

(Notice)The content will might be sometimes Japanese and sometimes English.I beg your forgiveness.