[Works]Hadaka Oshiai Festival,Naked Festival in Sumori,Niigata

[Works]Hadaka Oshiai Festival,Naked Festival in Sumori,Niigata


Tochio Region (Former Tochio city, current Nagaoka city) is the place where the Sengoku Daimyo (A Warlord of Echigo Province) “Uesugi Kenshin(上杉謙信)” spent his adolescence and was the first place to be a Lord of a castle.

A tremendously enthusiastic festival is held every February. It goes without saying that it is the coldest period of the year.

The festival takes place in the Buddhist building “Odo(The Hall)”. Uesugi Kenshin who had made a great progress in Buddhism. It is said that he began with victory prayers by him.

This is a historical festival that is said to be done from the Middle Ages.

I covered and photographed on the very side of the participants of the festival and made an article.