Important Things;I should not forget in the future

Not too sophisticated.

I can’t really describe it (I’m a writer, after all)… Maybe it’s easy to be sophisticated.I think the world is overloaded with too many things. Too much advertising, too much buzz, too much instagrammable.

I recently saw a film called Nomadland, directed by Chloé Zhao. I was very impressed by this. What struck me, apart from the great use of natural light, was the fact that many of the actors in the film were practically amateurs.

The film won an Oscar. I thought it was impossible to ignore the fact that the film was highly acclaimed and that many people could relate to it.

COVID may have, in a way, exposed the world for what it really is. I was thinking about that.

Don’t try to refine it too much. This is how we can see the true brilliance of people and things.

Perhaps I’m being ridiculously arrogant. But these are the honest thoughts I have right now.

Too much of a good thing is too little of a good thing. This is an old Japanese proverb.


Be a Polite. Maybe that’s a better way of putting it.

I think that the rampant neo-liberalism has brought about not only an uneven distribution of wealth in the world, but also extreme clutter.

The professionalism of people is being destroyed day by day, and the world is dominated by the idea of “how to be cost-effective”.

Of course, the concept of “politeness” may change with the times.

Politeness is important”. This is what a person I admire, who recently helped me with my work, kept telling me. I don’t want to forget it.

The important thing is to have a Virtue

I think it’s even more important to have a virtue. Rather, I believe that those who do not have that will not survive.

The penetration of technology has made it possible for everyone to be creative in their own way. Photography, videography, design in all fields, and web production.

It has become sadly difficult to create value by making a difference. That’s where virtue come into play. What makes an individual uniqueness.

I now understand the significance of Oxbridge and the public schools’ emphasis on the liberal arts.

Thank you for Herry Sutanto,Unsplash.