[:ja]【Works】地域の文化を生かした生ハムをーー熟成肉の名手が語る「雪国ならでは」の製法とは[:en]【Works】A raw ham made in snowy region.[:]







(This is an article in Japanese)

Hideo Kamiya who runs two stores, “La Bouchery du bouta” mainly of jibies and aged meat in Tokyo and Meguro Ward, and “French Delicatessen Kamiya”, a take-out specialty store of Charcutey (processed meat) chef. Kamiya chef who is highly reputed with Jevier ‘s name chef is doing an event that can experience the raw ham making in the Kawaguchi area of Nagaoka – shi, Niigata Prefecture.

As a chef of Jibie, what is the appeal of the food that can be obtained from the snow country · Kawaguchi nature? What is ripening in the snow room trying to do at raw ham cram school? And what are you looking forward to?

At the venue of “Echigo Kawaguchi student ham cram school” held in January 2018, I asked him the story.